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       We want to invite you to join AUTISM AND WE. With your help, we can enlighten, educate and empower our community. AUTISM AND WE is a collaborative of Parents, Clinicians, Caregivers, and Educators whom all share a common goal. To support, educate and advocate for a unique segment of the population misunderstood, underrepresented, and often forgotten. Be the voice within communities of color to empower and provide support, education, and advocacy for parents, family caregivers, and professionals caring for individuals with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities.


        Please connect with us by attending and sharing your views, gifts, and talents. During our monthly meetings, we will present a variety of speakers, trainers, and representatives from various community resources.  Our goal is to improve the lives of those with Autism and other Developmental Disorders through open forums and discussions. Together we can explore and work toward solutions to the issues that affect our community of color.



Every Thursday from 7pm-8pm 

AWE Virtual Monthly Meetings via Zoom 

Every 4th Saturday from 12pm-2pm

Meeting ID: 879 5808 1120     Passcode: 45229


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