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I am a Caregiver, Patient Advocate, and Pastor with a BS in Crisis Counseling. I have a granddaughter with Autism. I currently work for one of the largest healthcare systems in the Tri-State area. I have over 30 years of experience in Healthcare, Insurance, and Patient Advocacy. I am a founder and governing board member of AUTISM and WE, a non-profit organization with the mission of providing support and resources for those dealing with Autism and other Developmental disabilities. 


It is an honor to work with a team whose focus is serving those people of color, a segment of our community that is Underrepresented, misunderstood, and often forgotten. By providing support, education, and advocacy for parents, families, caregivers, and professionals caring for individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Our goal is to ensure no child or family is excluded from receiving the information and resources necessary to achieve the best quality of life possible. 


My name is Waleia Larkin, and I am a founder and governing board member of AUTISM and WE. I am a proud parent of a child with Autism. I have a background in Healthcare as a Certified Medical Assistant specializing in Insurance verification. I also have a BS in communication and serve as a rape and domestic violence advocate for Women Helping Women.


 My goal is to empower parents and caregivers to advocate for those with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities. Through education, sharing of ideas, and providing a listening ear, I hope to provide a support system that will foster a nurturing environment that will expand our communities capacity to grow and become more inclusive. I'm so proud and honored to work with AUTISM and WE.


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My name is Krushawna Harper. My passion is helping and serving others, especially regarding the fight and support it takes to advocate for children with disabilities. I am a wife and mother of five; I have multiple kids with disabilities, this struggle is an everyday reality. 


I’m a Community Coordinator in a local elementary school. I participated in many parent-based research projects; and served three years on the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Family Advisory Council. 


 In 2016 I began the Winner’s Circle Ministry, a Sunday school ministry that provides a spiritual education while addressing the developmental and physical challenges of children with disabilities. Currently, I serve as a Support Parent for Ohio Parent to Parent (Ohio P2P). I am a governing board member of AUTISM and WE. 


My name is Resha Young, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Graduate of Walnut Hills high school with a Respiratory Care degree from Cincinnati State and a Bachelor's in chemistry from the University of Cincinnati.  I grew up in the church.  I'm a proud wife and mother of three.   My youngest was diagnosed with autism when she turned three years old. 

 I am a governing board member of Autism and We.  This team has allowed me to connect and assist other mothers as they embark on this challenging, life-changing journey.  Every parent we encounter must learn how to maneuver the obstacles associated with caring for a child with a developmental disorder.   My child is non-verbal and sometimes exhibits aggressive behaviors. 

 The goal of Autism and We is to support families like mine, provide a safe space and a listening ear.  We try to connect families with the resources and direction to secure the assistance necessary to aid that family to live their best life.  We all experience moments where we feel helpless and even hopeless. 



Associate Professor, Emerita

I am an educator and a nurse researcher. My teaching has focused on health policy and mental health nursing. Her research interests lie in health disparities, psychiatric mental health, healthcare decision-making, and pediatric autism.

I serve as a Professional Facilitator with AUTISM and WE since it’s conception.

Research and Practice Interests: Health Disparities, Mental Health, Health Care Decision-making, Depression

Dr. Anthony has numerous accomplishments include collaborating with an interdisciplinary team to develop an online depression training program for African Americans. Dr. Anthony is the author of numerous articles on mental health and health disparities, and has been honored for her spirit of excellence.


  • 2015 Recipient of the Nefertiti Award.

  • 2016  She was selected as a Transcultural Nursing Scholar.

  • 2010 Health Champion Award from Center for Closing the Health Gap Cincinnati, Ohio 

  • 2009 Award of Appreciation from the Caring through Sharing Mentoring Program University of Cincinnati College of Nursing 



Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Core Faculty, Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities (LEND)

Adjunct Professor, University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing

I began working with children with disabilities early in my career.  My clinical specialty is developmental and behavioral pediatrics.

My research focuses on removing barriers to early treatment for children at-risk for or having developmental delays (DD) or disabilities.  I’m also working to reduce health disparities in youth at-risk for DD or disabilities.  I became interested in this research during my clinical work as a pediatric nurse practitioner working with children with DDs.  I identified health disparities in their care and outcomes and systematically studied how to reduce or eliminate those disparities and improve outcomes.


My goals are to obtain early treatments for children in poverty and at-risk for DD to improve outcomes and address the inequities in services and treatments for children with DD and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).


Dr. Burkett's research played a vital role in the birth of AUTISM and WE.  She has served as a Professional Facilitator with AUTISM and WE since its conception.

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